In The Beginning

I woke up this morning and decided to take action.

Today, I am going to collect an award for my small business – Candle Company of the Year. It’s very exciting, I’m nervous and very proud.

Four and a half years ago, I wanted to start a candle business. I worked full time for the NHS at the time.

As my business grew, I would dream that making candles and wax melts was my full time job, I wanted to be my own boss.

In October 2019, I was half way there. I had dropped to part time hours and had much more time to invest in myself and my business.

Then COVID-19 hit and the demand for wax increased massively as people were stuck at home and weren’t spending money on holidays or socialising. I was able to quit my job and one of my dreams came true.

It’s not been an easy journey. I was a complete business novice in the beginning, and sometimes feel like I still have so much to learn. But there are people out there who are just like me when I started out. Struggling, not knowing the basics, failing. Well, I decided I might be able to help those people get through their first year or two of business.

With a history in radio production, I figured a podcast would use my strengths and skills more than other platforms. I recorded and edited the first episode then nothing. Mindset is a very important thing. Self doubt works it’s way in. Do people even want to know about me and my story? Do I have anything of value to say? What do I know?

Well this morning I decided to take action. I decided I won an award, I must know something.

Get out of your heads. Take a step forward, I dare you.

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