Rest Days are Essential

Being a small business owner means taking time off doesn’t seem to come naturally. There’s always work to do so taking time for yourself can lead to guilt.

But, why? When I worked for somebody else I definitely did not feel guilty for taking time off. I enjoyed those days A LOT. Now I work for myself, I know the work only gets done when I do it, so me time = work outstanding.

If I plan properly and prioritise my workload, planning in time to rest can be done and should be. Your work performance will certainly suffer if you don’t. You might as well not be doing it if it’s not done well.

This weekend, after a successful Market Night on Friday, I headed to Shell Island for a camping trip with family and friends. It’s exactly what I needed to finish off a week of hard work.

Sunset on Shell Island

Creating a work/life balance is what we all strive for. I will not look back at the weekend and wish I stayed home to get more work done, I will cherish the new memories made.

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