Back to Basics

I was lucky enough to get away this month. I returned from Kos, Greece last week after a lovely, relaxing holiday. While I was away it gave me a chance to think about my business, my goals and reflect on recent months.

It’s been fairly quiet on the sales front. A candle business is bound to quieten in the summer. I found myself dwelling too much on numbers. I kind of lost my passion and drive because of it.

I decided when I returned home and got back to work I would change my attitude. Instead of worrying, I got back to basics. What do I love most about my work? What is my favourite part of the job?

I stripped back the business head and the creative me was allowed to run free. I did what made me happy. I found I have a new mindset now ready for the busy period. Autumn and Christmas are usually manic so I am mentally ready, it just takes a reminder of why you started to help you through that wall.

What do you love about your work?

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