New Year, New Focus

I’ve seriously neglected this blog for the past few months. I found I lost focus, motivation and self-belief for a little while.

But I decided in 2022, that was going to change. I got excited about my small business again by welcoming changes. I decided to shake it up, get creative and use planning and routine to get my focus back.

I now have a great morning routine in place. I have 2 planners that I write in while I have my coffee. I then do some activity whether it’s the gym or a nice walk in nature. I also meditate for 10-15 minutes. I find doing these things set me up for a productive day. I was so fired up this morning!

I also make sure I fully wind down at the end of the day and not take my work into my evenings. Just simply changing into comfy loungewear helps me massively.

Have you any tips for keeping focused?

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